Comparing Sex Without Condoms and Using Condoms

Having sex with or without a condom is the taste of each person. Apart from the dangers, unprotected sex is often called more favorable and refers more to satisfaction without obstacles. Approximately, what are the comparisons of having sex with or without a condom? Visit our website if you need to buy condoms.

Some people say they prefer to have unprotected sex. When having unprotected sex, they feel more enjoy the interaction between the skin and it makes them feel more get the maximum intimacy. While some women are also happy to have sex without a condom. They think that by having unprotected sex they can feel ejaculation in their bodies.

Some people think that using condoms during sex can make them feel safe and not worry about venereal disease and unwanted pregnancies. The existence of this mental relaxation can affect the maximum sexual pleasure. People who have problems like premature ejaculation say that wearing a condom can help their sexual activity. Condoms are thought to reduce excessive friction during penetration and can help improve penile erection resistance during intercourse. The type of condom used during sex also affects the enjoyment gained. For example, condoms with varied textures or flavors can make sex more interesting and fun.

You are advised to use 1 to 2 drops of lubricant on a penis that has been wrapped in condoms. Try a silicone vaginal lubricant, which is more durable than a water-based lubricant. Wear different condom textures, Not only are their monotonous condoms with plain and thick textures. Today’s condoms have evolved to bring textures and lubricants to enhance enjoyment while providing maximum protection. And most importantly, make sure the condom used is fitting. Not all condom sizes are the same, some are small and some are big. Condoms that do not fit tend to quickly tear or can be left in the vagina. This can reduce the enjoyment of sex using condoms.