Bring your car to advertise

Ads in cars can be anything from window stickers to wrappers that cover the entire body of the car. Received rates will vary, but we recommend that you ask to see some images before agreeing to the contract. If you do not like the whole car full of ads, say before the ad is installed. Often the company will self-install ads on your car. You need to take the car to car wrap Brisbane so that the ad is affixed to your car. depending on ad size. If the ad is small, such as an ad only for the back window, it may have to be self-installed. If so, you will be given instructions on how to install it.

Once the ad is installed in your car, your job is to drive as usual in accordance with an agreement with the company. You may be required to install GPS to ensure it has been driving as far and as in the required area. As long as you’re honest when filling out a form, there should not be any problems showing up. Fulfill your obligations and after a month, or how long my contract, come back with your car to get the ad off. If you have an accident or advertisement is damaged for some reason, contact your company immediately so that ads can be changed immediately if necessary.