The Function of the Internet As a Source of Information and Online Training.

To expand knowledge or improve understanding of a science. Students can access a variety of additional information from what the teacher has explained in the class. There are millions of websites that have various data in the form of images, videos, and texts of various disciplines, which can help us to find the information needed. To get a fast internet speed, you can visit

Online learning helps students and teachers interact without being constrained by distance and time. students can access and obtain information whenever and wherever as long as he is connected to the internet and also the system provided. Technology becomes an important thing in the present. Students and teachers are required to master technology in the future, of course, will be more varied and growing. For students, mastery of technology is also useful when they are already in the school environment. When they graduate and work, learners must at least master the basic of computer technology and also its programs such as Microsoft word, excel etc. This is useful to facilitate them when assigned to use these tools.