Coloring with Crayon, Use This Technique!

Crayon is also included as an image tool that is quite easy to use all ages. By having a bright and attractive color variant, it makes it easy to use when you want to explore the colors in every image object you create.

Coloring the image with the crayon is actually the same as any other drawing activity. The first thing you should think about first is the theme or concept of the image you want to use. At least you have to have a picture if what object you want to make. But for kids, coloring is not an easy thing. Some children are still not good at coloring the image, so from that to facilitate you in teaching children, it would be better if you show coloring tutorials and how to draw on youtube.

Well, before coloring the image with the crayon, of course, you have to understand in advance the object and concept of the image. If you already know the concept, of course, you will more easily choose any colors that will you use when coloring with crayon later. Once you’ve got the desired image then start coloring the image by using some tricks below!

1. Blocking
Blocking is one of the popular techniques as a way of coloring images with crayons. How to? You do this by blocking the image field using a certain color by sweeping it smoothly.

2. Gradient
After the blocking process is done, then the next step is to coat the part that should be blocked with other colors that are still in tune and story.
In order for the image that you produce more lively, you can explore your creative in combining the colors you normally use.

3. Mixing
Then, the coloring step with the next crayon is the mixing or mixing technique. This technique is done to produce more colors.
There are two mixing techniques that you can try. Each technique you can customize to your drawing needs, first linear scratch technique and the other a circular scratch. Linear scratches are usually used when you color the sky images.

4. Finishing
The final step or step cover coloring with crayon this time that is finishing. This technique is used to smooth the color of the parts that are still not perfect.
At this stage, you can add complementary accents to add the impression of your image so that it becomes more interesting.

5. Scrabbing
The additional stage you can also perform scrabbing or scraping techniques. What is scrabing it? ie, scraping a certain part of the image you use scrabber for refinement.